In the book My Little Karachi, ten-year-old Zameena knows about all kinds of interesting creatures that live right in the heart of the huge city of Karachi. Almost every home has a lizard like this. Lots of people are afraid of them, but the chipkali eats bugs at night (because they’re nocturnal); isn’t that a good thing?


Gecko lizard (a.k.a. chipkali, in Urdu) original watercolor Copyright © Isabel Holden

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My Little Karachi

Available at Amazon as a Kindle or print book, My Little Karachi is the story of an independent 10-year-old girl who lives in the huge city of Karachi, Pakistan. She is from the wealthiest sector of society so at first glance you might think that she doesn’t have any problems at all, but money can’t guarantee a perfect life. Zameena doesn’t really fit in with her classmates and the effects of traumatic events that happen in a place like Karachi, make things even more difficult.

In an attempt to cope, Zameena takes refuge in the animal world that exists all around her – right in the heart of Karachi. Eventually, her deep interest brings her full circle and back to people where she finds a place for herself in the world. Throughout the book there is information about animals and birds, presented in Zameena’s “Naturalist Journal” where entries each day mirror and relate to what is happening in her life in the story.

Karachi might be different from a lot of places, but people are all the same and that’s basically what this book is about.

MyLittleKirachiPicsIllustrations and cover illustration Copyright © Isabel Holden